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Inventory Updating Process and Numbering System

State's and railroads are responsible for keeping up to date information on grade crossings on their property or under their jurisdiction. The process for updating the Crossing Inventory File is here.

 The facts on Crossing Inventory Number Information:

  • A crossing inventory number contains six digits followed be an alphabetical letter
  • The numbers are generated using a special algorithm where the alphabetical letter is a check character to insure that the number is a valid
  • The number is like a “street-name sign” and should be posted on both sides of the crossing on the signal mast, crossbuck post, sign post or pole, or it could even be spray painted on a railroad tie.
  • Making the number signs is the responsibility of the railroad. As an alternative, the number can be posted on the Emergency Notification System (ENS) sign on both sides of the crossing.

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