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Trespasser Casualty Map

Nationally, more than 500 trespass fatalities occur each year, and nearly as many injuries.  The vast majority of these are preventable.  By definition, trespassing on railroad property is illegal.  Rail trespassers are most often pedestrians walking across or along railroad tracks as a shortcut.  Many trespassers are engaged in recreational activities such as walking, jogging, bicycling, walking a dog, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, or operating off-road, all-terrain vehicles.  Others are loitering or engaged in other unlawful activity including theft or vandalism.  June of 2011, FRA began collecting latitude and longitude information on each railroad trespasser casualty.  FRA used this information a produced a Trespasser Causality Map.    The purpose of this map is to show where the incidents occur in hopes to increase education, enforcement and engineering efforts.  For a detailed map of railroad trespasser casualties:  Casualty Map

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