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Confidential Close Call Reporting System

A Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) sponsored voluntary confidential program allowing railroad carriers and their employees to report close calls. The program provides a safe environment for employees to report unsafe events and conditions. Employees receive protection from discipline and FRA enforcement. Railroads also receive protection from FRA enforcement for events reported within C3RS. 

  • Accepts close call reports online or by mail
  • Analyzes close calls
  • Distributes de-identified reports on safety trends and corrective actions to participating organizations and FRA
  • Tracks carrier reports on corrective actions to measure system impact on safety
  • Evaluates and identifies ways to improve reporting system effectiveness
  • Original demonstration project began in 2007; currently five operational sites
  • MBTA/Keolis and Metra have signed IMOUs
  • Accepting new sites

Who is involved in C3RS?

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT, Volpe Center, railroad carriers, carrier employees, labor organizations, peer review teams, and a steering committee. Find out more.

C3RS is currently accepting reports from the following participating railroads: New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, Strasburg Rail Road, MBTA/Keolis, MetraMetro-North, and Long Island Rail Road.

Submit Reports Electronically!


(You can also report by mail)


SunRail joining C3RS mid-November

C3RS Improves Safety Culture

June 2015 FRA Research Results report shows C3RS contributes to safety and safety culture improvements at one site.

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