State Rail Safety Participation

Rail State Safety Participation Program consists of States employing safety inspectors in the five rail safety inspection disciplines. State programs emphasize planned, routine compliance inspections; however, States may undertake additional investigative and surveillance activities consistent with overall program needs and individual State capabilities.

Before participation can begin, each State agency must enter into a multi-year agreement with FRA for the exercise of specified authority. This agreement may delegate investigative and surveillance authority regarding all or any part of Federal railroad safety laws.

The training of State inspectors is one of FRA’s major customer service initiatives. FRA reimburses States for travel and subsistence expenses associated with rail safety inspector technical training. The training program helps States to develop rail safety programs and enables qualified State inspectors to maintain technical proficiency. FRA routinely provides on-the-job training to State inspector candidates as well.

  State Rail Safety Participation Program Managers

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The Rail Safety Act of 1970 (Public Law 91-458)

Regulations (Title 49CFR)

212-State Safety Participation Regulations 

234-Grade Crossing Safety