Office of Administration

The Associate Administrator for Administration advises the Executive Director on matters relating to the
management and organization of the Federal Railroad Administration and serves as:

  • Chief Information Officer,
  • Chief Human Capital Officer,
  • Head of Contracting Authority and Competition Advocate.

In these roles, responsibilities include:

  • ensure that information technology is acquired and information resources
    are managed for the agency in a manner that implements the policies and procedures of the
    Information Technology Management Reform Act.
  • ensure that FRA carries out its responsibilities for selecting, developing, training, and
    managing a high-quality work force consistent with the Government-wide human capital
    provisions included in the Homeland Security Act of 2002.
  • provide and manage administrative services in support of FRA missions and goals. Provides support services to FRA offices to ensure their operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • ensure goods and services are procured consistent with laws and regulations and that competition is obtained to the maximum extend practical.
  • provide executive direction over the activities of the Support Systems Staff, Office of Human Resources, Office of Information Technology, and Office of Acquisition.