Office of Railroad Policy & Development

The Office of Railroad Policy and Development (RPD) is responsible for working with stakeholders to develop cohesive goals and policies for maintaining and improving the U.S. freight and passenger rail networks, as well as for managing a portfolio of grant investments that contribute to achieving these goals. RPD is primarily focused on the following activities:

  • Evaluating and monitoring federal grants to ensure successful project development and delivery;
  • Conducting research and developing applied science to ensure the U.S. remains on the cutting edge of rail technology;
  • Establishing parameters and methodologies for conducting national, regional, and state rail planning activities;
  • Analyzing and reporting on rail industry conditions and trends; and
  • Providing technical assistance and guidance materials to current and future grantees or RRIF loan recipients.

The Associate Administrator for RPD provides executive direction for three coordinated offices:

Updated: October 11, 2016