National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Procedures

The FRA begins the process of considering the environmental impacts of a proposed action in consultation with appropriate federal, state, and local authorities, and with the public at the earliest practical time in the project planning process. Complete environmental impact assessment depends upon the concept and design of the proposed project or action. Information on current and completed environmental reviews, as well as technical guidance, is available on this website. FRA conducts environmental reviews according to FRA's Environmental Procedures.

FRA complies with all applicable environmental review laws and regulations. Environmental reviews consider reasonable alternatives to the proposed action, including "no action," and potential mitigation measures. Relevant environmental impacts are identified and discussed.

The FRA encourages broad participation during scoping and review of draft environmental documents. In addition to publication of notices in the Federal Register, FRA makes efforts to notify the affected public. FRA provides documents to persons and organizations who express an interest in an environmental review and makes most information available through this website.

For information about the National Environmental Policy Act and implementing regulations, see the White House Council on Environmental Quality NEPA guidance page