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Statements of Work

This section provides templates for developing a Statement of Work (SOW) for tracks 1 through 4 of the HSIPR program. In essence, the SOW is a description of the work that will be completed under the grant agreement. Drafting the SOW is a key step toward receiving a grant award.

These templates are intended to assist grantees in drafting an SOW for each application selected by FRA to receive funding. The development of an SOW should be a highly collaborative process between the grantee and FRA. As such, grantees are strongly encouraged to work with their FRA customer service representative to create an approved SOW.

Please note:  all deliverables listed in the SOW are subject to FRA approval and will require significant FRA input. Grantees should plan to work with their FRA customer service representative to ensure deliverables will meet all requirements.

For helpful hints on drafting an SOW, please refer to the SOW Guidance link below. This document describes how FRA uses an SOW during the grant administration phase, key items to include when drafting an SOW, and formatting guidelines. Grantees should use this guidance as a reference when drafting an SOW, but should continue to work with the FRA customer service representative for further guidance. Please check back regularly, as this document will be updated as necessary.

If you have questions regarding how to begin drafting your SOW, please contact your FRA customer service representative.

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