On-Board Monitoring and Control System (OBMCS)

On-board Monitoring and Control System


  • OBMCS uses Controller Area Network (CAN) technology to achieve a modular architecture in which sensors and actuators can easily be integrated into the system in a "Plug and Play" fashion
  • Sensors and actuators in the OBMCS are interconnected on a CAN bus communication network, which uses an open standard communication protocol 


  • Temperature sensors to monitor bearing temperature
  • Accelerometers to monitor bearing and wheel defects and derailments 
  • Tri-axial accelerometers on the main sill above the bolster bowl to monitor truck hunting, vertical pitch and bounce and logitudinal impacts 
  • Proximity sensors to monitor brake piston stroke for excess travel and proper retraction 
  • Wireless intra-train communications and telemetry
  • A bearing generator (one per car) provides power for OBMCS
  • The third generation OBMCS integrates the on-board monitoring system with remote control of the advanced components from the locomotive 


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