Advanced Tri-Coupler



The development of the Advanced Tri-Coupler was in response to the need for a knuckle coupler capable of performing both an air (for brake lines) and electrical (required for ECP brake systems) connection, as the process for coupling and uncoupling cars can be both hazardous and time consuming when performed manually.


Further field testing of the Advanced Tri-Coupler prototype is being conducted to evaluate its reliability when subjected to on-track and temperature extremes. The device provides automatic mechanical, pneumatic (brake pipe) and electrical (electronically controlled pneumatic brake) coupling using the current F-type coupler.

Objective(s): Tri-coupler

  • Test and verify the functionality and environmental robustness of the Tri-Coupler design

Rail Impact:

  • Implementation of the device will eliminate the need for crewmembers to access unsafe areas of the train to perform tasks, such as coupling and uncoupling, opening and closing knuckles, connecting air and electrical lines, etc. 




 Tri-Coupler Diagram