Railroad Safety Board

The Railroad Safety Board (RSB) reviews, and approves or denies, waiver petitions, block-signal applications, and requests for special approval submitted by railroads and other parties subject to the railroad safety regulations. For specific procedures pertinent to requests for relief, see 49 CFR Part 211 and relevant provisions of the specific regulations in question. 

The Board meets periodically to consider these cases. The Board consists of the following officials: FRA's Associate Administrator for Safety or a Deputy Associate Administrator for Safety (chair and deciding official); an attorney designated by the Chief Counsel; and three FRA safety managers, including at least one individual who is currently serving or has served as an Regional Administrator or Deputy Associate Regional Administrator.

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Waivers, Block Signal Applications, and Special Approvals 

RSB Order FRA 11001.14G

FRA/FTA Jurisdictional Statement and Shared Use Guidance

(Title 49 CFR)

211 - FRA's Rules
of Practice

211.45 - Petitions for Emergency Waiver of
Safety Rules