Transbay Transit Center - Phase I

Environmental Impact Statement

FRA adopted portions of the Federal Transit Administration’s March 2004 Transbay Terminal/Caltrain Downtown Extension/Redevelopment Project (“Transbay Program”) Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (“2004 EIS”) that covers Phase 1 of the Transbay Program to satisfy FRA’s obligations under the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”).  FRA adopted the Phase 1 portions of the 2004 EIS to support a decision to provide grant funding for the Transbay Transit Center train box.  A record of decision was issued by FRA for the trainbox portion of the Transbay Program on August 4, 2010.

As part of the adoption, FRA prepared a Reevaluation of the Phase 1 portions of the 2004 EIS to consider recent modifications to the train box design and to update environmental information contained in the 2004 EIS pursuant to FRA’s Procedures for Considering Environmental Impacts (64 FR 28545, May 26, 1999).

The Final EIS and the Reevaluation may be downloaded below. For more information see the Transbay Joint Powers Authority website at

2010 FRA Record of Decision (ROD) for Transbay Transit Center Trainbox

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