Railroad Safety Technology Grants Program

The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA) established the Railroad Safety Technology Grant (RSTG) program. The objective of this grant program was to facilitate “…the deployment of train control technologies, train control component technologies, processor-based technologies, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, rail integrity inspection systems, rail integrity warning systems, switch position indicators and monitors, remote control power switch technologies, track integrity circuit technologies, and other new or novel railroad safety technology.”

NOFA issued November 7, 2013: FRA issued a Notice of Funding Availability of $550,000 for Railroad Safety Technology Grants.  Grant applications will be accepted until February 5, 2014. Reviews will be conducted immediately following the solicitation close date. Selection announcements will be made 90 days after the solicitation closes.

The Railroad Safety Technology Grant Program was first authorized under the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA). The program authorizes DOT to provide grants to passenger and freight rail carriers, railroad suppliers, and State and local governments for projects that have a public benefit of improved railroad safety and efficiency. The program originally made available $50 million in Federal funds. Due to the original grantees completing their grants, $550,000 became available from the original $50 million. This grant program has a maximum 80-percent Federal and minimum 20-percent grantee cost share (cash or in-kind) match requirement.

Applications for grants under this program must be submitted electronically to Grants.gov External Linkand must follow the detailed procedures in the grant application package online. The Grants.gov Web site allows organizations to find and electronically apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grantmaking agencies. Any entity wishing to submit an application pursuant to this notice should immediately initiate the process of registering with Grants.Gov. Only grants submitted electronically through Grants.gov will be considered.

Supplementary information is available in the Federal Register notice issued November 7, 2013.

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