Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement

California HSR – Fresno to Bakersfield

FRA is circulating for public review the project-level Fresno to Bakersfield High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report/Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Revised DEIR/ Supplemental DEIS). In response to stakeholder, agency, and public feedback on the HSR alignment alternatives, FRA determined it would revise the Draft EIR/EIS that was released in August 2011 to include additional route and station options. The Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS for the Fresno Bakersfield section includes new alignment alternatives and station locations west of Hanford, an additional alternative through Bakersfield, and refinements to the existing Fresno to Bakersfield alternative alignments. The Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS includes the development of preliminary engineering designs and the identification and analysis of the potential environmental effects associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of the HSR system, including track structures, ancillary facilities, and stations.

The Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS has incorporated changes to address comments received during the 2011 Draft EIR/EIS public comment period. Changes from the August 2011 Draft EIR/EIS are shaded in grey to facilitate public and agency review. Public comments are being accepted on the Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS from July 20, 2012 to October 19, 2012. The public comment period was extended an additional 30 days. The Final EIR/EIS, which is anticipated for release in early 2013, will provide responses to comments from both public comment periods.

The Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS presents the Project’s purpose and need, identifies all reasonable alternatives including track alignments, stations, and heavy maintenance facilities as well as the no action alternative, describes the affected environment, analyzes the potential environmental impacts of all the reasonable alternatives and the no action alternative, and identifies appropriate mitigation measures to minimize the potential environmental impacts.

Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS Federal Notice of Availability

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers served as a cooperating agency on this Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS. The Corps is the agency responsible for issuing permits for discharge of dredged or fill material within Waters of the U. S. [Fresno to Bakersfield U.S. Army Corps 404 Notice , Attachment]

Public Hearings

Public Hearings on the Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS will be held:

  • In Bakersfield on August 27, 2012, from 3 pm to 8 pm at the Beale Memorial Library (701 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301)
  • In Hanford on August 28, 2012, from 3 pm to 8 pm at the Hanford Fraternal Hall (1015 N. 10th Avenue, Hanford, CA 93230)
  • In Fresno on August 29, 2012, from 3 pm to 8 pm at the Fresno Convention Center, Exhibit Hall III (848 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721)


Please provide your comments to the California High-Speed Rail Authority by September 20, 2012.

  • Regular Mail
    Fresno to Bakersfield Revised Draft EIR/Supplemental Draft EIS Comment
    770 L Street, Suite 800
    Sacramento, CA 95814

Fresno to Bakersfield Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS documents for download:

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format, which is available for download at no cost on the Internet. (Note: many of these files are very large and could take up to several minutes to download.) Technical appendices that are part of the project record for the Fresno to Bakersfield EIS are available on the California High-Speed Rail Authority website. Parts of the Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS that have changed from the August 2011 Draft EIR/EIS are shaded in grey to facilitate public and agency review.

In the preliminary Section 4(f)/6(f) evaluation, a potential resource was inadvertently reported to be within the “footprint” of disturbance for the BNSF Alternative through Bakersfield. In fact, this resource is located approximately 400 feet south of the BNSF Alternative, within the footprint of disturbance of the Bakersfield South Alternative. Because of the importance of the Section 4(f) determination, the preliminary 4(f)/6(f) evaluation contained in Chapter 4.0 of the Revised Draft EIR/Supplemental Draft EIS has been corrected to indicate that the affected potential resource in Bakersfield would be impacted by the Bakersfield South Alternative. The copies of the Revised Draft EIR/Supplemental Draft EIS available at public locations in the project area are being updated to include the corrected Chapter 4.0.


Overview Documents
Executive Summary  
Spanish Brochure  
Spanish Summary  
Volume I (Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS)
Cover Volume I 1,231 KB
Title Page Volume I 14 KB
Signature Page 46 KB
Fact Sheet 73 KB
Preface 64 KB
Table of Contents Volume I 198 KB
Summary 2,126 KB
1.0 Project Purpose, Need, and Objectives 1,439 KB
2.0 Alternatives 8,661 KB
3.1 Introduction 206 KB
3.2 Transportation 27,779 KB
3.3 Air Quality and Global Climate Change 2,728 KB
3.4 Noise and Vibration 12,318 KB
3.5 Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Interference 416 KB
3.6 Public Utilities and Energy 1,609
3.7 Biological Resources and Wetlands 2,521 KB
3.8 Hydrology and Water Resources 1,734 KB
3.9 Geology, Soils, and Seismicity 3,810 KB
3.10 Hazardous Materials and Wastes 955 KB
3.11 Safety and Security 1,114 KB
3.12 Socioeconomics, Communities, and Environmental Justice 2,069 KB
3.13 Station Planning, Land Use, and Development 9,834 KB
3.14 Agricultural Lands 4,078 KB
3.15 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space 6,871 KB
3.16 Aesthetics and Visual Resources 14,523 KB
3.17 Cultural and Paleontological Resources 3,301 KB
3.18 Regional Growth 347 KB
3.19 Cumulative Impacts 402 KB
4.0 Draft Section 4(f)-6(f) Evaluation 402 KB
5.0 Project Costs and Operations 185 KB
6.0 Other CEQA-NEPA Considerations 80 KB
7.0 Public and Agency Involvement 374 KB
8.0 EIR-EIS Distribution 100 KB
9.0 List of Preparers 88 KB
10.0 References and Sources Used in Document Preparation 503 KB
11.0 Glossary of Terms 200 KB
12.0 Index 72 KB
13.0 Acronyms and Abbreviations 137 KB
Volume II
Cover Volume II 1,296 KB
Title Page Volume II 22 KB
Table of Contents Volume II 21 KB
1-A Revised 2012 Business Plan 768 KB
2-A Road Crossings 417 KB
2-B Railroad Crossings 489 KB
2-C Operations and Service Plan Summary 1,496 KB
2-D Applicable Design Standards 118 KB
3.1-A Parcels within HST Footprint 61,456 KB
3.4-A Noise and Vibration 2,082 KB
3.5-A Technical Study: Pre-Construction Electromagnetic Measurement Survey 26,334 KB
3.6-A Existing Plus Project Conditions Energy Analysis 85 KB
3.6-B Water Usage Analysis Technical Memorandum 7,207 KB
3.6-C Energy Analysis Memorandum 135 KB
3.7-A Special-Status Species and Observed Habitats 2,014 KB
3.7-B Comparison of Impacts on Biological Resources by Alternative 276 KB
3.8-A Water Bodies Crossed by Fresno to Bakersfield Section Alternatives 37 KB
3.11-A Safety and Security Data 54 KB
3.11-B Airport Obstructions 272 KB
3.12-A Residential, Business, and Mobile Home Relocation Assistance Brochures 1,637 KB
3.12-B Effects on School District Funding and Transportation Bus Routes 3,390 KB
3.12-C Children's Health and Safety Risk Assessment 283 KB
3.13-A Land Use Plans, Goals, and Policies 324 KB
3.14-A Results and Findings of Land Evaluation and Site Assessment 163 KB
3.14-B Effects on Confined Animal Agriculture 31,704 KB
3.14-C High Speed Train Noise Disturbance on Grazing Lands 980 KB
3.17-A Programmatic Agreement 882 KB
3.19-A Planned and Potential Projects and Plans 5,647
3.19-B Planned and Potential Transportation Projects 6,119 KB
5-A Operating Cost Memorandum 95 KB
Volume III
Section A Alignment Plans Part 1 of 2 49,668 KB
Section B Alignment Plans Part 2 of 2 39,231 KB
Section C Roadway and Grade Separation Plans Part 1 of 2 34,734 KB
Section D Roadway and Grade Separation Plans Part 2 of 2 21,916 KB
Section E Station Plans 16,722 KB