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Rail Trespasser Fatalities; Demographic and Behavioral Profiles

In 2013, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) released a report titled, “Rail Trespasser Fatalities: Demographic and Behavioral Profiles.”  This report is an effort to more accurately identify the types of people who trespass on railroad rights-of-way, and ultimately reduce the number of trespassing events.  A private contractor obtained additional demographic data from local county medical examiners for the time period of 2005–2010 to develop a general regional profile of the “typical” rail trespasser.  The profile was created in order to target audiences with appropriate education and enforcement campaigns.  The study shows that rail trespassers who die are, on average, White males who are possibly intoxicated, with a mean age of 38, and with low socioeconomic status. Rail Trespasser Fatalities; Demographic and Behavioral

This study is a follow up to prior research that used data from 2002–2004 and was presented by FRA in 2008 in a report titled, Rail Trespasser Fatalities - Developing Demographic Profiles.

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