About the FRA DOTX-219

DOTX-219The Office of Safety owns and operates the DOTX-219 to support its mission to reduce track geometry caused derailments nationwide. The DOTX-219 surveys approximately 30,000 miles of United States mainline railroad each year.




The DOTX-219:
- Entered service in 2007
- Operates in towed mode
- Is equipped with:
     -Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) to measure gage, alignment and track surface and calculate safe train speeds in curved track.
     -Ride Quality Measurement System (RQMS) to measure truck and car body forces in g's
     -Differential Global Measurement System (DGMS) to provide high accuracy GPS coordinates for exceptions and for each foot surveyed
     -Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) to measure and quantify absolute and relative parameters of the rail type, rail cant, and wear conditions.
     -Driver View Imaging System (DVIS) for recording reference images of the track right of way (ROW) and track roadbed.