Safety Fact SheetSafety Fact Sheet

FRA is a data-driven agency. Every regulation, Safety Advisory, and Emergency Order we issue is based on facts and sound research using advanced statistical methods and modeling. We closely monitor data and trends to eliminate risk. 

Two straight years of record-breaking safety performance, along with significant reductions in all types of accidents since 2008, proves that FRA’s approach to oversight and enforcement is effective.

But we owe it to the public and rail workers to do better, and are focused on leading the next generation of safety improvements. 

Continuous safety improvement requires a comprehensive strategy designed to eliminate risk on railroads.

We accomplish this by merging proven safety approaches - like our rail safety inspections and oversight programs - with performance-based safety measures that improve safety culture, harness technology and research, then apply the best of what we've learned to establish benchmarks, develop and ensure adherence to best practices, and implement new safety management programs.