Final Environmental Impact Statement - Fresno to Bakersfield

California HSR – Fresno to Bakersfield

FRA issued the Fresno to Bakersfield High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIR/EIS). In response to stakeholder, agency, and public feedback on the HSR alignment alternatives, the Final EIR/EIS includes the revised preliminary engineering designs, and the identification and analysis of the potential environmental effects associated with the construction, operation, and maintenance of the HSR system, including track structures, ancillary facilities, and stations.

The Final EIS incorporated changes to address comments received during the 2011 Draft EIR/EIS and 2012 Revised DEIR/Supplemental DEIS public comment periods. Changes compared to the July 2012 Revised Draft EIR/ Supplemental Draft EIS are shaded in grey to facilitate public and agency review.

The Final EIR/EIS presents the Project’s purpose and need, identifies all reasonable alternatives including track alignments, stations, and heavy maintenance facilities as well as the no action alternative, describes the affected environment, analyzes the potential environmental impacts of all the reasonable alternatives and the no action alternative, and identifies appropriate mitigation measures to minimize the potential environmental impacts.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Surface Transportation Board served as cooperating agencies on this Final EIR/EIS.

Documents for download:

The files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format which is available for download at no cost on the Internet. (Note: many of these files are very large and could take up to several minutes to download). Copies of the Fresno to Bakersfield Final EIR/EIS are also available on CD-ROM upon request by calling (866) 761-7755. More information is available on the Authority’s Webpage for the Fresno to Bakersfield EIR/EIS.

Volume I: Report

Volume II: Technical Appendices

Volume III: Alignment Plans

Volume IV

Volume V

Volume VI