Shared-Use Web-Based Tool

The Federal Railroad Administration currently sponsors the Shared-Use Web-Based Tool developed by National Cooperative Freight Research Program (NCFRP) at this external web address: ( FRA endorses the Shared-Use Web-Based Tool and its output.  See the presentation slides below for a description of the tool and its capabilities. To begin using Shared-Use, go to the Shared-Use website to register (see above link).

The NCFRP 30 web-based screening tool is designed to enable State and Regional transportation planners and passenger rail operators to perform preliminary screening of proposed shared-use passenger and freight rail projects.  NCFRP Report 27 provides more information about the tool and can be downloaded here: The tool assists planners with the preliminary analysis as defined in the Rail Corridor Transportation Plans: A Guidance Manual, a Federal Railroad Administration publication found at: (

The Shared-Use Web-Based Tool makes use of components of an FRA-developed full-scale Generalized Train Movement Simulation (GTMS) model. FRA will continuously test, verify, and update the Shared-Use Web-Based Tool to ensure useful and accurate output.

The Shared-Use Web-Based Tool is not intended to support either capital budgeting or facility design beyond the schematic/conceptual level. The tool is appropriate for sketch planning and alternative route analyses.

Shared Use Tool Presentation