Monitoring Procedures (MP)

MP Documents
Complete MP
 PDF  Complete MP  August 2014
 PDF  MP Cover Sheet  August 2014
 PDF  MP Cover Sheet with changes noted  August 2014
Program Support
MP-01  MTAC Administrative Conditions & Requirements  August 2014
MP-02  MTAC Implementation & Transition Planning  August 2014
Project Management Reviews
MP-20  Project Management Plan  August 2014
MP-21  Management & Technical Capacity/Capability  August 2014
MP-22  Safety and Security Management Plan  August 2014
MP-23  Real Estate Acquisition & Management Plan  August 2014
MP-24  QA/QC Review  August 2014
Monitoring and Reporting
MP-25  Recurring Oversight & Related Reports  August 2014
MP-26  Lessons Learned & Best Practices  August 2014
MP-27  Before and After Study  August 2014
MP-31  Annual Review & Close Out of Grant  August 2014
Technical Reviews
MP-30  Value Engineering  August 2014
MP-32A  Planning & Concept Design  August 2014
MP-32B  Environmental Review  August 2014
MP-32C  Project Scope Review  August 2014
MP-32D  Project Delivery Method Review  August 2014
MP-33  Capital Cost Estimate Review  August 2014
MP-34  Project Schedule Review  August 2014
MP-35  ADA Review  August 2014
MP-36  Buy America Review  August 2014
MP-38  Vehicle Acquisition & Management  August 2014
MP-39  Preliminary Engineering and Final Design  August 2014
MP-40A  Risk and Contingency Review (Sponsor-led)  August 2014
MP-40C  Risk and Contingency Review (Full)  August 2014
MP-49  Finance Plan  August 2014
MP-54  Readiness for Revenue Operations  August 2014
Technical Assistance
MP-03  Special Tasks / Technical Assistance  August 2014