Reporting a Close Call

Who can report close calls?

Carrier and union employees covered by an active IMOU with FRA who observe a safety problem, or experience a close call event, and report that problem or event.

Eligible IMOUs include:

Kinds of close calls reported

  • Events occurring frequently with low consequences
  • Events occurring infrequently with the potential for high consequences
  • Events below the FRA reporting threshold (if included in that carrier's IMOU)

What is NOT considered a close call?

  • Events unrelated to railroad safety
  • Urgent real-time issues (for example, a runaway train)
  • Personal grievances
  • Labor organization management  grievances

How to report a close call

  1. Complete the report form online or download blank C3RS report.
  2. Submit the form to NASA.

More questions?

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C3RS is only accepting close call reports from:


Long Island Railroad




New Jersey Transit


Strasburg Rail Road