1. Carriers
    Each railroad carrier participating in C3RS also participates in the national Steering Committee and the PRT on site. The carrier works with the other stakeholders to implement C3RS, reviews PRT reports, and takes corrective action.
  2. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
    FRA's Office of Research and Development sponsors and funds C3RS, while its Office of Safety consults on goals and implementation, and also funds C3RS.
  3. Labor organizations
    Labor organizations participate in the national Steering Committee and the PRT at each demonstration site.
  4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    NASA is a federal agency that serves as an independent third party that collects, analyzes, and maintains the confidential data collected for C3RS. NASA also identifies safety trends and emerging risks and writes and distributes publications to share this information with demonstration-site participants and the railroad industry. NASA conducts similar third party tasks with the airline industry and Veterans Administration Hospitals.
  5. Peer Review Team (PRT)
    The PRT consists of local representatives from railroads, union officers and members, carrier management, and FRA at the demonstration site. It promotes C3RS at the site, identifies why close calls occur, recommends corrective action, and evaluates the effectiveness of any such action that was implemented.
  6. Steering Committee
    The national Steering Committee is made up of representatives from stakeholder organizations and oversees the C3RS demonstration project.