2003 Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings from the FRA-sponsored human factors workshop: Improving Railroad Safety Through Understanding Close Calls.

2003 Workshop Proceedings
Volume 1 — Summarizes speaker presentations on lessons learned from existing close call systems, attendee feedback on "close call" experiences, and benefits and barriers to implementing a close call management system. December 2003 Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to see this file
Volume 2 — Appendices: FRA workshop invitation, workshop agenda, speaker presentations, breakout group  discussions, workshop attendees, references, speaker biographies, and a case study. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to see this file
Speaker Presentations
John Grundman, BNSF Hotline Process    HTML
Christopher Hart, Global Aviation Information Network (FAA)    HTML
Hank Krakowski, United Airlines Safety Culture    HTML
Don McLure, Flight Operations Quality Assurance and Aviation Safety Action Programs    HTML
Helen Muir — Impact of CIRAS for the U.K. Rail Industry            


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Aidan Nelson — Confidential Reporting: the UK Rail Experience    HTML


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