2014 FRA Rail Program Delivery Meeting

August 4-6, 2014

The Federal Railroad Administration hosts the first FRA Rail Program Delivery Meeting—a three-day conference for grantees, oversight contractors, and staff, focused on rail project implementation. The event also serves to launch the Monitoring and Technical Assistance Contractor (MTAC) Program—FRA’s oversight strategy for high-speed, intercity passenger rail, and freight rail projects.  

Below is a list of presentations and handouts given at the event

Complete Agenda

Lightning Talks

Ten talks, 6 minutes each.  Learn about FRA-funded projects in all regions of the country.  Co-presented by Grantees and FRA Regional Managers / Project Managers (RM/PM).  Concise, fast-paced, multiple-speaker format.  

Decision-making during Planning, PE, Environmental Review, FD

Management &Technical Capacity and Capability of the Extended Project Team

Generating Revenue:  Stations, Real Estate, and Capturing Value

Railroad Planning & Operations  

Cost, Schedule, Risk Management Through the Project Life