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FRA Rail Program Delivery

Railroad 101 Videos

For FRA grantees, these videos introduce basic railroad concepts related to train types and performance, track configuration, basic operations, and signaling systems. This series is invaluable for grantees planning and designing new and improved passenger rail service.

FRA's Railroad 101 Webinars

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Train Types and Performance

Train Types and Performance
For freight and passenger rail trains, this segment describes their weights, speeds, braking distances, and characteristic movements.

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Track Configuration
This segment defines track elements as well as single, double, triple, and quad track railroads.  Particular
focus is given to adding railroad capacity through track configuration modifications.

Basic Operations

Basic Operations
This segment explains how railroad infrastructure and disciplined operations are necessary to make optimal use of railroad capacity.  Productive uses of railroad capacity by trains, inspection and maintenance vehicles are distinguished from unproductive consumption of capacity from suboptimal infrastructure and lack of planning.  

  Signaling Systems
Signaling Systems
This segment provides an overview of railroad signaling systems including the failsafe principle, signals at interlockings and blocks, and the differences between Route Signaling and Speed Signaling.
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