Advanced Devices Train & Test Bed (ADT&TB)


Switching operation safety can be improved considering that approximately 2,700 reportable lost time injuries occur each year, along with a few fatalities, as a result of switching-related duties.


The ADT&TB project facilitates field testing of various advanced devices such as the Electrical Power Supply System (EPSS), the Advanced Tri-Coupler, Electrically Driven Hand Brake (EDHB), Remote Controlled Angle Cock, and Remote Controlled Cut Lever. Those devices can be operated either on the side of the rail car or remotely via a wireless network of a locomotive onboard system.


  • Test the advanced devices to determine their functionality and durability in a revenue service like environment
  • Conduct remote testing of the advanced devices with the wireless network

Rail Impact:

  • Increases crew safety by eliminating the need to manually operate devices such as cut levers and angle cocks
  • Reliably bring electrical power to freight vehicles for use in safety improvement applications
  • Increase safety in railroad operations and reduce costs as a result of automation
EPSS-equipped Test Train

EPSS-equipped Test Train

Tri-Coupler Remote Controlled Angle Cock


Remote Controlled Angle Cock