Electrically Driven Hand Brake (EDHB)


There is a need to eliminate train crew injuries that occur during the application and releasing of freight car hand brakes. Currently, an individual must apply a significant force to properly apply the hand brake, which may lead to physical injuries. Also, hand brakes are sometimes left unreleased during car movement for various reasons, which can result in slid flats or otherwise damaged wheels.


The EDHB is an electrically driven, fully functioning, set and release vertical wheel hand brake that keeps all normal manual AAR Group N specified functions and requirements.


  • Test and validate, per AAR and newly developed guidelines, the EDHB prototype design

Rail Impact:

  • Reduces the risk of operator injuries and the need to go in-between and climb rail cars
  • Reduces damage to hand brakes due to controlled application and release forces
  • Mitigates slid flat and out-of-round damage to wheels
  • Mitigates damage to lading, track, vehicles and bridges
  • Reduces railroad operating costs