High Speed Passenger Trucks Study


Shared freight and passenger train operation is a different and demanding service environment for both vehicles and track.  With mixed operations, track is subjected to a much wider range of operating conditions (e.g., speed, wheel load, wheel profile, and truck suspension characteristics).  Likewise, rolling stock of all types must perform well within the “best compromise” track design and maintenance requirements.  This represents a systems optimization challenge.


In response to the expansion of high-speed intercity passenger rail service in the U.S., the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has identified a need to research high-speed truck performance in mixed operations.


The objective of this study is to evaluate existing designs as well as development of general design guidelines for high-speed passenger trucks for use in shared operations and to identify one or more potentially usable trucks for use in the North American context.

Rail Impact:

  • Identify existing truck designs
  • Identify truck technologies for upgrades
  • Develop vehicle/truck numerical models
  • Develop a model validation test matrix
  • Analyze alternatives and improvements
  • Quantify the load environment of shared operation

High Speed Passenger Trucks Study