Grant Closeout

Grant closeout, as required by federal regulation, is an important and vital step in the grant lifecycle. FRA grant recipients are responsible for closing a grant when all applicable administrative actions and required work has been completed and all reporting requirements are met. This page contains training and technical assistance materials that are intended to guide grant recipients through the closeout process.



To download the Grantee Closeout Training click here.

The Grantee Closeout Training is compatible with most operating systems. However, If you are experience trouble downloading or viewing the training please make sure you follow the below troubleshooting activities.
               - Please make sure Adobe Flash Player is a minimum of Adobe Flash Player 10.0 and;
               - Please make sure that your .swf file default “Open with” is set to “Internet Explorer”
Your Grant Manager will be happy to walk you through these steps if you are encountering further problems.

Grantee Guidance on FRA Closeout Procedures