C3RS in the News Archive

August 2012
  • FRA research results: Senior cross-functional support is essential for implementing corrective actions at C3RS sites   Find out more
May 2012
  • FRA's Close Call Reporting Program shows improvement in safety, decrease in derailments Find out more
  • Confidential Close Call Reporting proving its worth   Find out more
April 2012
  • Close Call Program celebrates successful first year   Find out more
  • FRA reports derailments decrease at one C3RS site   Find out more
March 2012
  • Railroad safety program seeks to reduce violations without punishment   Find out more (Reprinted with permission from Kalmbach Publishing Co.)
January 2012
  • New safety job briefing card for NJT train and engine employees   Find out more
December 2010
  • Railroad Close Call Reporting System wins praise   Find out more
  • NASA's Aviation Reporting System improves railroad safety   Find out more
November 2010
  • Amtrak joins the C3RS Pilot Project   Find out more (refer to article on page 5)
  • Amtrak to pilot Close Call Reporting System   Find out more
September 2010
  • Amtrak employees can anonymously report near accidents   Find out more
  • BLET launches Close Call Reporting System at Amtrak   Find out more
  • Amtrak joins FRA Close Call Pilot Program   Find out more
  • Amtrak joins Unions and FRA in close call reporting   Find out more
January 2010
October 2009
  • NJT begins its close call reporting pilot program   Find out more
April 2009
  • BLET inks close call reporting agreement with NJT   Find out more
  • UTU launches close call pilot program with New Jersey Transit   Find out more