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Trespassing Prevention

Trespassing along railroad rights-of-way is the leading cause of rail-related deaths in America.  Nationally, more than 400 trespass fatalities and nearly as many injuries occur each year, the vast majority of which are preventable.

People who access railroad property without permission are violating the law.  It is also considered trespassing to fish from railroad trestles, or ride ATVs, snowmobiles or bicycles on the railroad’s right-of-way.

FRA works in partnership with railroads, state and local governments, and other organizations to  conduct outreach efforts in order to raise awareness about the inherent dangers and consequences of trespassing. 

In order to educate the general public concering safety at railroad crossings, FRA created the "I am a Pedestrian/Motorist" webpage. This new page includes safety tips for when you encounter a railroad crossing. We also have a partnership with Operation Lifesaver whose mission is to raise national awareness on railroad crossing issues. See below for more information regarding these efforts and remember...


Pedestrian & Motorist
Operation Lifesaver - Rail Safety Education


Community Trespass Prevention Program

The Community Trespass Prevention guide is a program for local, state and national partnerships aimed at reducing trespassing and its related injuries and deaths. 

Community Trespassing Prevention Guide

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