Washington Union Station Expansion Project

The Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) in coordination with Amtrak is proposing to expand and modernize Washington Union Station, the National Capital Region’s principal intermodal transportation hub, in order to provide a positive customer experience; support current and future rail service and operational needs; facilitate intermodal transportation; preserve and maintain the historic station and its features; sustain the economic viability of Washington Union Station; and integrate with the adjacent neighborhoods, businesses, and planned development.

Public Participation and Comments

FRA encourages and anticipates public participation throughout the development and evaluation of the Project.  The FRA website will be updated periodically with project milestones, information about additional public meetings, and other pertinent project information. Comments may be submitted through this website by visiting the comments section and/or by email to info@wusstationexpansion.com. Thank you for your interest and participation in this important transportation project.

Permitting Dashboard

The U.S. Permitting Dashboard is an online tool for Federal agencies, project sponsors, and interested members of the public to track the Federal government’s environmental review and authorization processes for large or complex infrastructure projects. The Dashboard is part of a government-wide effort to improve coordination, transparency, and accountability. A link to this project’s page on the Dashboard is below.

Permitting Dashboard Link