Advanced Components

Sponsored by the Federal Railroad Administration, the Advanced Concept Train (ACT) is a demonstration train showcasing technologies to improve safety of switching operations and efficiency of train operations. The train consists of five test cars, which include an intermodal well car, a garbage gondola car, a tank car, an open coal hopper car, and a covered hopper car. 

ACT Train

Current Features:

  • All cars are equipped with Electrically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) brakes
  • 24/7 tracking and monitoring of all cars for equipment defects and dynamic stability
  • Locomotive Security System with integrated engineer fingerprint verification
  • Hazardous material car security and performance monitoring
  • Container well car equipped with sensors for security monitoring and container tracking
  • Each car equipped with power generator bearing for generation and management of electricity
  • Automatic Tri-coupler, Advanced Hand Brake, and Advanced Angle Cock on cars
  • Advanced uncoupling and remote controlled hand brake release