Drug and Alcohol


For purposes of Part 219, FRA has designated its safety-sensitive employees to be those who perform service covered under the hours of service laws (covered service).  This includes “contracted” hours of service employees and also individuals who may volunteer to perform hours of service duties for a railroad.  These generally include train and engine service employees involved in the movement of trains or engines (e.g., conductors, brakemen, switchmen, engineers, locomotive hostlers/helpers), dispatching employees who issue mandatory directives (e.g., train dispatchers, control operators), and signal employees who inspect, repair, or maintain signal systems. 

NEW** FRA has developed model compliance plans to assist railroads and their regulated service contractors in complying with Part 219 requirements, with updates of Part 219 regulatory requirements and the addition to random drug and alcohol testing of Maintenance of Way Workers, as defined by the definition of "Roadway Worker" in Part 214.7, which become effective June 12, 2017.  Model Railroad Contractor Compliance PlanModel Compliance Plan for Small Railroads  and  Model Railroad Compliance Plan