FRA supports its grant recipients through financial transfers while ensuring proper stewardship and oversight of federal funds. Here you will find information, training, templates, and resources to facilitate the payment process. The primary source of information regarding payments is the specific grant agreement. Please contact your grant manager, as identified in your grant agreement, with any questions regarding grant payment.

FRA Reimbursement Training

SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement

All grantees are required to submit an SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement when submitting a payment request. This form is completed in the Delphi/e-Invoicing system when you submit your reimbursement request.

FRA Payment Templates

FRA grant recipients are required to allocate expenditures against the approved project budget, by federal and matching shares, when seeking reimbursement from FRA. The approved project budget may also track expenditures by OMB or FRA Cost Categories. The following sample templates may be used by grantees when seeking reimbursement.

Submission in Delphi/e-Invoicing

Delphi/e-Invoicing is the system that FRA uses to process its payment requests. Information on submitting payment requests can be found in the grant agreement. Please contact your grant manager or administrative officer, as identified in your grant agreement, if you need access to Delphi/e-Invoicing.

Delphi Links and Resources

Delphi FAQs

Delphi Training Module for Grantees

Grant Recipient Desktop Training Manual

Delphi Helpdesk

1-866-641-3500, Option 4, Option 3


Tips for Payment Requests

  • Make sure you have an active award and are eligible to submit payment requests.
  • The majority of FRA’s grants are paid on reimbursement. Do not seek payment unless funds have already been expended.
  • If there is a match requirement, do not seek payment in excess of the approved federal share.
  • Be sure all progress/financial reports and certifications have been approved by FRA, and there are no outstanding requirements or deliverables.
  • Be sure the project is in compliance with all terms and conditions of the award.
  • Costs must be allowable, allocable, and reasonable per the grant agreement and approved project budget.
  • Be sure that all forms are filled out correctly and information is consistent.