Purpose and Need

The purpose of the Proposed Action is to provide additional long-term railroad capacity and to improve the reliability of railroad service through the Long Bridge corridor. Currently, there is insufficient capacity, resiliency, and redundancy to accommodate the projected demand in future railroad services. The Proposed Action is needed to address these issues and to ensure the Long Bridge corridor continues to serve as a critical link connecting the local, regional, and national transportation network.

Pedestrian/Bicycle Connectivity

Although not part of the Proposed Action’s Purpose and Need, the Project will explore the potential opportunity to accommodate connections that follow the trajectory of the Long Bridge Corridor to the pedestrian and bicycle network. The feasibility of this opportunity will be assessed as the Project progresses, and will consider whether a path can be designed to be consistent with railroad operator plans and pursuant to railroad safety practices. Future efforts to accommodate connections to the pedestrian and bicycle network may be advanced as part of the Project, or as part of a separate project(s) sponsored by independent entities.