Working with the CTIL

CTIL is not exclusively for government use. 

CTIL is a national resource for conducting human factors research in the railroad domain.  This means that, in addition to FRA, the lab is available to:

  • Railroad stakeholder organizations, E.g.,
    • Railroads
    • Railroad trade associations
    • Railroad unions
    • Railroad suppliers
    • Display and control manufacturers
    • Other government organizations with a rail-related interest 
  • Academic and industry researchers currently outside the railroad community that can leverage their expertise in human factors-related areas, to study human performance in support of Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) goals of rail safety, security, and productivity. A sampling of the many areas where academic and industry researchers might leverage their expertise in the CTIL include:
    • Attention/Distraction
    • Memory
    • Fatigue
    • Communications
    • Automation
    • Interface design
    • Ergonomics  

All projects must be approved by FRA before CTIL facility time and CTIL staff support will be granted. However, projects do not have to be FRA-funded.  Projects funded by non-FRA sources as well as projects without funding (e.g. some academic projects) are welcome.