FY19 Directed Grants - Railroad Safety State Participation Grant Program

Overview: In FY 2017, FRA initiated the State Railroad Safety Participation Pilot Grant program and continued to fund it as a pilot program for 12 states in FY 2018. Now no longer a pilot, the program has been renamed as the “Railroad Safety State Participation Grant Program” and in FY 2019 will provide grants to all 32 states with Federal Railroad Safety Program State Participation Agreements to assist with funding eligible training, travel, laptop computers, and grant management administration. The funding supports the certification of state inspectors to conduct investigative and surveillance activities to ensure that the application and interpretation of federal railroad safety rules, regulations, orders, and standards reflect the same national uniformity. See the FY 2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity for more information.

Legislative Authority: States are authorized to work in partnership with FRA to enforce federal railroad safety laws and regulations (49 U.S.C. 20105). The funding for this program was made available by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019, Public Law 116-6, Div. G, Tit. I, (2019 Appropriations Act).

Amount: $485,000

Eligible Grant Program Recipients: 32 States with Federal Railroad Safety Program State Participation Agreements:

  • Alabama Public Service Commission
  • Arizona Corporation Commission
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • District of Columbia Department of Transportation
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  • Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Maine Department of Transportation
  • Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Mississippi Department of Transportation
  • Missouri Department of Transportation
  • Montana Public Service Commission
  • Nebraska Public Service Commission
  • Nevada Public Utilities Commission
  • New Hampshire Department of Transportation
  • New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
  • New York Department of Transportation
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • North Dakota Public Service Commission
  • Ohio Public Utilities Commission
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
  • South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff
  • Tennessee Department of Transportation
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Utah Department of Transportation
  • Virginia Corporation Commission
  • Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
  • West Virginia Public Service Commission

Eligible Projects: The grant funding is available for FRA-approved technical training; travel expenses to attend approved FRA technical training, conferences, and meetings; and laptop computers required to support inspector reporting and data analysis. Additionally, grant funding is available for costs related to grant management administration.