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FY2010 Rail Line Relocation Non-Competitive Projects

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  • 2010
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: FY2010, RLR, awards, projects, grants


FY2010 Rail Line Relocation Non-Competitive Projects
Blue Ridge and KC Southern Railroad Rail Line Rehabilitation and Improvement, MO  $800,000
Coos County Rail Safety Upgrades, Coos County, NH  $800,000
Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority Rail Access Improvement Program, MI  $500,000
Grade Crossing Mitigation, Galesburg, IL  $2,922,000
Grade Separated Railroad Crossing, TX  $500,000
Hoquiam Horn Spur Railroad Track Improvement Project, WA  $350,000
Industrial Park Rail Project, Greene County, AL  $400,000
Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority Rehabilitation Project, MN $1,000,000
North Rail Relocation Project, Cameron County, TX $400,000
Ogden Avenue Grade Separation, Aurora, IL $1,000,000
Port of Alexandria Rail Spur, City of Alexandria, LA $487,000
Port of Monroe Dock and Industrial Park, Monroe County, MI $500,000
Rail Safety Improvements, Tualatin, OR $250,000
Rail Spur Extension, Greater Ouachita Parish, LA $2,000,000
Railroad Overpass, Blytheville, AR $500,000
Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Mitigation, Northeastern IL $1,948,000
Sacramento Intermodal Terminal Transportation Facility Rail Relocation, CA $750,000
Salem County Short Rail Line Rehabilitation, NJ $750,000
Shelby Intermodal Hub, MT $974,000
South Orient Rail Line Rehabilitation in San Angelo, TX $1,000,000
South Orient Railroad Rehabilitation, TX $1,000,000
Southern Rail Corridor, MN $487,000
Springfield Rail Relocation, IL $250,000
Transbay Transit Center $750,000
Waterfront Rail Reconstruction Project: Kawasaki SWIMO, NY $779,200
West Freight Access Project, WA $2,922,000
West Wye Rail Line Relocation, City of Springfield, MO $500,000
Total $24,519,200