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Passenger Rail Train to Train Impact Test Volume I: Overview and Selected Results US Department of Transportation

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 2003
AUTHOR: Tyrell, David
KEYWORDS: Passenger Rail Train-to-Train Impact Test Volume I: Overview and Selected Results US Department of Transportation
ABSTRACT: This report describes the results of the train-to-train impact test conducted at the Federal Railroad Administration’s Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado on January 31, 2002. In this test, a cab car-led train, initially moving at 30 mph and consisting of a cab car, three coach cars, and a trailing locomotive, collided with a standing locomotive-led train with two ballasted open-top hopper cars. The test included test dummies in the operator’s seat of the impacted locomotive, and in the cab car and first coach car. This test was the third of three tests intended to define the performance of current-design equipment in in-line collisions. The objective this test was to observe the interaction of the colliding equipment and to measure the environments experienced by the test dummies, as well as the responses of the test dummies. During the train-to-train test, the cab car overrode the locomotive; the underframe of the cab car sustained approximately 20 feet of crush and the first three coupled connections sawtooth buckled. The short hood of the locomotive remained essentially intact, while there was approximately 12 inches of crush of the windshield center post. The test measurements of the response of the trains compare closely with predictions made with lumpedparameter models.
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