Technical Reports

Validation of FAST Model Sleep Estimates with Actigraph Measured Sleep in Locomotive Engineers

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 2012
AUTHOR: Judith Gertler, Steven Hursh, Joseph Fanzone, and Thomas Raslear
SUBJECT: Fatigue Management, Human Factors, Work Schedule & Sleep Patterns
KEYWORDS: sleep; actigraphy; locomotive engineer; FAST; Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of a study to validate the AutoSleep sleep prediction algorithm, which is a component of the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool (FAST). Researchers collected work and sleep data from 41 locomotive engineers by using actigraphy and daily log books and compared these data with AutoSleep predictions developed according to the log-bookā€“recorded work periods. Comparison of the actigraphy data with model predictions on a minute-by-minute basis found an overall agreement between the two 87 percent of the time. Application of Signal Detection Theory to the data indicates that AutoSleep is biased toward underestimating daily sleep. These findings validate the sleep prediction algorithm of FAST and validate its utility for assessing fatigue risk created by typical railroad schedules.
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