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Railroad Industry Modal Profile: An Outline of the Railroad Industry Workforce Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 2011
KEYWORDS: railroad inudstry; workforce
ABSTRACT: The Department of Transportation (DOT) has initiated a National Workforce Development Strategy team, with representatives from each mode to establish a single DOT-wide profile of the Transportation Industry workforce. The profile will highlight the needs across the Department and the industry each mode represents. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has identified a team to represent FRA on the DOT team and to develop a rail industry-wide workforce strategy. To provide an overview of the railroad industry and workforce, as well as specific workforce issues, extensive research and topical interviews were conducted with representatives of the railroad industry including Class I railroads, labor unions, short line railroads, major associations, academia, and specialty experts. The railroad industry, as defined in this document, consists of Class I freight and passenger rail, short line railroads, labor unions, major associations, and academia. This document serves as a central living repository for descriptive data pertinent to the broad railroad industry workforce. This document must be revisited periodically to ensure accuracy due to the dynamic nature of the railroad industry and its sensitivity to numerous market factors. As information changes, this document will be updated and republished. It is anticipated that a formal document update will be published at least once annually. The Federal Railroad Administration Workforce Development Team (FRA–WDT) led by Ms. Monique Stewart (Office of Research Policy and Development) would like to express thanks to a number of individuals who assisted in the development of this document. First, we would like to thank the following individuals who devoted their time to review the document and provide their expertise to ensure the document accurately represented the railroad industry.
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