Technical Reports

Full-Scale Locomotive Dynamic Crash Testing and Correlations: Locomotive Consist Colliding with Steel Coil Truck at Grade Crossing (Test 3)

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 2011
KEYWORDS: Full-scale collision tests; locomotive collision post; grade crossing collisions; locomotive crashworthiness; dynamic finite elements; anthropomorphic test dummy
ABSTRACT: This report presents the test results and finite element correlations of a full-scale dynamic collision between a locomotive and a highway truck loaded with two heavy steel coils. The locomotive consist was moving at 58 miles per hour before it struck a highway truck carrying heavy steel coils. The test showed significant damage to the locomotive front end, the collision posts and the firewall. The locomotive and the cars in its consist were fully instrumented with accelerometers, strain gauges, and anthropomorphic test dummies. High-speed photographic coverage of the events was also employed. The report presents the test data and the dynamic finite element modeling results.