Technical Reports

Full-Scale Locomotive Dynamic Crash Testing and Correlations: Offset Collisions between a Locomotive and a Covered Hopper Car (Test 4)

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 2011
KEYWORDS: Full-scale tests; locomotive collision post; dynamic finite element analysis; locomotive crashworthiness; anthropomorphic test dummy
ABSTRACT: This report presents the test results and finite element correlations of a full-scale dynamic collision test with rail vehicles as part of the Federal Railroad Administration’s research program on improved crashworthiness of locomotive structures. This test involved the 30-mile per hour oblique collision of a locomotive with a stationary covered hopper car fouling the locomotive’s right-of-way. The test used an SD70-MAC locomotive. The locomotive and the cars in its consist were fully instrumented with accelerometers, strain gauges, and anthropomorphic test dummies. High-speed photography was used to record the events. This report presents the test data and the dynamic finite element modeling results. Reasonable agreement has been found in the dynamic event sequence correlations and the structural damage to the front end of the locomotive.