Technical Reports

Deformation Behavior of Welded Steel Sandwich

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 2011
KEYWORDS: Bending; compression; core geometry; face sheet; sandwich structure
ABSTRACT: This report describes engineering studies that were conducted to examine the deformation behavior of flat, welded steel sandwich panels under two quasi-static loading conditions: (1) uniaxial compression; and (2) bending with an indenter. Testing and analysis are conducted to study the force-displacement response of sandwich structures with different core geometries: (1) pipe or tubular cores with outer diameters equal to 2, 3, and 5 in; (2) a 2-inch square diamond core; and (3) a double corrugated core called an X-core with a 5-inch core height. Deformation and local collapse modes of sandwich panels under these loading conditions are also studied. Moreover, the work described in this report represents basic research to investigate the concept of applying welded steel sandwich structures as a means to offer protection to railroad tank cars—especially those carrying hazardous materials—in the event of an accident.