Technical Reports

Slab Track Field Test and Demonstration Program for Shared Freight and High-Speed Passenger Service

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 2010
AUTHOR: Dingqing Li
KEYWORDS: Slab track; ballasted track; high-speed train; heavy axle load traffic
ABSTRACT: Two types of slab tracks were installed on the High Tonnage Loop at the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing. Direct fixation slab track (DFST) and independent dual block track (IDBT) were installed into a 5-degree curve with 4-inch superelevation. The total slab track test section was 500 feet (ft) long, which consisted of 250 ft of IDBT and 250 ft of DFST. This program was conducted to demonstrate the durability of the slab track for 39-ton axle loads while maintaining the track geometry conditions of a Class 9 track. More specifically, the program was carried out to characterize slab track stiffness conditions, to quantify slab track dynamic responses and long-term performance under heavy axel load train operation, and to provide the test data for validating slab track analysis and design methodologies for shared heavy-freight and high-speed train service.
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