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49 CFR PARTS 229, 234, 235, AND 236: Positive Train Control Systems: Regulatory Impact Analysis

  • 08
  • Dec
  • 2009
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Frank D. Roskind
REPORT NUMBER: FRA-2006-0132, NOTICE NO. 1; RIN 2130-AC03
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
ABSTRACT: FRA is required to analyze the final rule under Executive Order 12866. FRA’s analysis presents a 20-year analysis of the costs and benefits associated with FRA’s final rule, using both 7 percent and 3 percent discount rates, including net present value (PV) and annualized value, which is the annuity required at the discount rate to yield the total over the analysis period. It also presents two types of sensitivity analyses. The first is associated with varying cost assumptions used for estimating PTC implementation costs. The second takes into account potential business benefits from realizing service efficiencies and related additional societal benefits from environmental attainment and an overall reduction in transportation risk from modal diversion.
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