Technical Reports

North American Joint Positive Train Control Project

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 2009
AUTHOR: Alan Polivka, Bill Moore Ede, and Joe Drapa
KEYWORDS: Train control, communications-based train control, CBTC, positive train control, PTC, railroad safety, moving block
ABSTRACT: PTC offers the promise of significant potential benefits in railroad safety, capacity, and efficiency. However, PTC reveals new and much more complex design issues than those encountered with conventional train control systems. This is largely because a PTC system comprises a large, distributed, real-time communications, control, and mobile computing network that embodies and enforces many of the railroad operating rules. This report summarizes key issues encountered in developing the vital NAJPTC system along with solutions, rationale, and results. The unique experiences gained from this project have benefited other PTC projects and have led to the inception of subsequent projects to further address issues identified.