Technical Reports

Rolling Contact Fatigue Workshop July 26–27, 2011

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 2012
AUTHOR: Richard Joy and Harry Tournay
SUBJECT: Rolling Stock
KEYWORDS: rolling contact fatigue, wheel/rail interface, wear, management modules
ABSTRACT: In July 2011, the Transportation Technology Center, Inc., coordinated the joint Federal Railroad Association/Association of American Railroads Workshop on Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF). The workshop was held at the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL. The objective of the workshop was to establish an understanding of the root causes for RCF and the procedures to eliminate, control, or mitigate the effects of RCF under passenger, freight, and mixed passenger/freight operation. Of particular concern is the impact of RCF on rail safety into future rail operations in North America, particularly with the advent of high-speed passenger rail operations. The workshop was tasked to identify any gaps in the current knowledge base so that timely research may be focused on these gaps in the near future.


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