Technical Reports

Use of Dynamic Rail Deflection as a Means of Determining Changes in Top of Rail Friction

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 2006
AUTHOR: Kevin Oldknow, Kelsan Technologies and Richard Reiff, TTCI
KEYWORDS: Dynamic rail deflection, top of systems, truck performance detectors
ABSTRACT: To determine if the use of dynamic rail deflection (RDG) data can be used to determine the effectiveness of top of rail (TOR) systems, Transportation Technology Center, Inc. and Kelsan Technologies Corporation, with funding from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), engaged in a collaborative effort to assess the suitability of RDGs in assessing TOR friction modifier effectiveness. Phase I of the test plan, included in this report, involved testing at the FRA’s Facility for Accelerated Service Testing at the Transportation Technology Center, Pueblo, CO, using existing lubrication equipment to produce a range of lateral forces and correlate RDG response with truck performance detector measurements.
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